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A Mystical Presence Captured by Pablo Bermudez's Art

Nature, observed closely, reveals its extraordinary peculiarity and forms that manifest a mystical presence. It is through the lens of art that this truth in natural things can be captured, and no artist does it better than Pablo Bermudez. His works represent a state of contemplation of nature, bringing humans in tune with the world and achieving a collective consciousness as a unique form of life.

Tropical Gardem ( Mixed Media )

Bermudez's art transports us to a nirvana, an idyllic garden where nature and humans coexist harmoniously. In his masterpieces, there is no division between organic and inorganic matter; instead, they serve each other's existence. The seemingly abstract nature of his works arises from a naive creative act, where photography is undermined by abstract painting. It becomes a form of destruction and deconstruction of the real image, an act of aggression towards the tangible.

The artist's gestural acts, almost ritualistic in nature, aim to free himself from the influence of mass media images he has always relied upon in his research. Liquefied nature engulfs the photographed subjects, creating a mesmerizing tangle of forms. Amidst vivid colors, glimpses of reddish masses emerge, resembling agglomerates of living flesh not yet covered with skin. Bermudez's alchemical vessel knows no barriers, allowing formless beings to float in natural space and merge with the universe in an orgiastic and carnal pleasure of totality.

Humans have always imitated natural forms due to their inherent attractive force. Similarly, the artist perceives this gravitational pull towards nature, particularly the jungle he experienced in his native country, Colombia. Although he will miss it for much of his life, he finds solace in Negros, where the nature of both the jungle and sugarcane crops resembles his place of origin, establishing evident connections between the two countries.

In his photographic shots, Bermudez showcases how the architecture of Balay ni Tana Dicang harmoniously coexists with nature. The forms of nature and architecture blend in a balanced manner, blurring the boundaries between them. Architecture becomes nature itself, and its role extends beyond mere shelter. It becomes a vessel for memory, mediating between the past, present, and future. Balay ni Tana Dicang holds the memories of its inhabitants, preserving the objects they used and loved.

Bermudez emphasizes the importance of preserving the past as a precious legacy of previous centuries. He reminds us that nothing built by humans should be destined for destruction. There exists a fundamental relationship between nature and humanity's work, as well as between things and our memories of them. Architecture is an integral part of this relationship, allowing us to remember our past and appreciate the beauty of our collective history.

Through his art, Bermudez expands our perception of the ecological system, transcending anthropocentric boundaries. He invites us to embrace a more interconnected vision of life on Earth, where all living beings coexist in harmony. In the face of the anthropocene era, art creates an emotional connection between people and the natural world. It renews our sense of wonder and respect for nature, compelling us to reflect on our role as stewards of the Earth.

By challenging our perceptions, stimulating dialogue, and fostering awareness, art becomes a catalyst for a sustainable future. Pablo Bermudez's works serve as a poignant reminder of the importance of living in harmony with nature. They encourage us to cherish and protect the environment, as we recognize our place within the intricate web of life on this magnificent planet.

ABungalow artists’ foundation presents:

"Echoes of the jungle's sweet surrender"

The end-of-residency exhibition by Pablo Bermudez

curated by Alessia Terzaghi

Opening: Friday, July 14th, 2023 from 4:00 pm

at Balay ni Tana Dicang

36 Rizal Street, Talisay City, Philippines


Mr. Adrian Lizares:

Alessia Terzaghi:

about ABungalow project

The ABungalow project is an artist residency that provides an alternative space in a different setting located in Negros Occidental, Philippines.

It gives the artist in residence another point of view of life, culture and the arts that may give resonance to the works the artists create in the island.

ABungalow project was created after several visiting artists realized the time and the space it offers can provide freedom and inspiration to create their new works.

The ABungalow has been in existence since 2016, to this day it has helped its many artists in residence to create works that demonstrate how time and space contribute to renew and reinvigorate their creativity.

In photos: Mr.AdrianLizares, PabloBermudez, AlessiaTerzaghi


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