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  • High Below

    What is Art for you? Art - is the meaning of my life. It is a way to express my style, mood and ambitions. What makes a good artist in this generation? Making people feel something, when they look at their work. A nice piece of art can bring you good memories, inspire you to try new projects, and raise your spirit. Basic info (name, age, where are you based, school or photography training, awards and achievements or anything related to photography etc..) Nastya Polehyna. Based in Odessa, Ukraine I am self taught My achievements, well: twice I became the best photographer in competition in Odessa. And lots of random people in the Internet write me how they like my editorials and thank me for the inspiration (that's the most pleasant part) Tell us how you got into photography. When did your interest in photography start? I adored fashion from early childhood. I was blogging fashion editorials for a while and as I am very ambitious - I decided to make photographs by myself. How will you describe your style in photography? I`m trying to stand out, to be original. I don't show the beauty of people - that is boring, I express my creativity by my shoots. About your editorial – what’s the story behind this? I wanted to make some huge project to test my organization skills. As usual - I made a clear plan of posing and I felt like a conductor of a small orchestra during the shooting. That feeling is amazing. What was the creative process in coming up with these images? I looked through lots of editorials on Pinterest to realize - what exactly I want to get. I think that is the most important part - an original photo is a well - organized one :) Anything interesting or memorable about the shoot and did you experiment or had a new approach on this particular shoot? I learned how to find a replacement for a model at the last minute and to style the group shoot by the clothes in my wardrobe) And it was the first shot - when I was so impressed by the beauty of models - that I forgot how to breathe sometimes :) What's next for you? Any exciting plans in the future? I want to work on top model agencies and to open a Youtube channel dedicated to fashion. What is your motto in life? Nothing is original (from my favorite book by A.Kleon) Where can people contact you or see your works? My instagram: My group: Social media page:

  • Artist of the Month: Shayne Lopez of Tiediet

    Tell us about yourself and your brand ( tiediet). Elevating tie-dye involves taking an old art form and turning it into something new and modern. This can be done by experimenting with different color combinations, pattern designs, and fabric materials. Collaborating with other artists allows me to get exciting ideas to be shared and explored. This can include combining tie-dye with other forms of art, such as painting, embroidery, or photography. Finally, creating magic with colors can involve manipulating the colors of the fabric to create a unique and one-of-a-kind look. This could include using fabric paints, bleaching, or dip-dyeing to achieve a desired outcome. Any childhood memory related to your early beginnings of being an artist? Weirdly Pokémon resonated with me. So I’d always be fascinated with all the new Pokémon’s coming out.I’d always try to collect them all, and I’d love to battle with my friends. I’d also watch the episodes, movies and play the games. It was a big part of my childhood and I’m still playing it to this day. It’s a great way to bond with friends and battle against each other. How would you describe your style? Gemini fairy with a little bit of grunge Where do you seek inspiration? Nature, food, and all the art around me. Tell us more about your brand, where it is started? It started with me customizing ukay pieces in 2013. I had a IG thrift shop for college. That gave me the platform to be creative with making old pieces into new ones. From there, I started to make my own designs and sell them.I started to collaborate with other local designers, manufacturers, and artisans to create limited edition pieces. My designs have been featured in several fashion shows and magazines, and I have been able to grow my brand and create a loyal customer base. I am currently working on launching my own clothing line, with a focus on sustainable fashion. I believe that fashion should be accessible and affordable for everyone, and I strive to create unique designs that are made with quality materials and attention to detail. I am passionate about creating pieces that will last and be loved for years to come. Do you have any particular favorite collection? No. I haven’t made my favorite collection yet. What makes you do clothing brand? what urges you? Honestly my angels. Haha. I’m not kidding! Define art ( what is art for you for this generation ) Art is an expression in different forms. You can use it to heal. You can unleash your frustrations and pain. You’re basically using art as an expression of your current state. So Art for me is an essential key to unlocking my full potential as a creative. To you, what makes a good artist at this time and age? Consistent and nonconformist artists. Someone who is able to remain true to their own personal vision and create compelling and original works that stand out from the rest. Someone who is able to stay relevant and current, while also staying true to their core values and beliefs. Whats your personal motto in life? Love and gratitude What is next for you? Any exciting projects, new collection? Fashion Fundraiser with The Company Cebu this Feb Where to contact you or where can people see and buy your clothes? IG @tiediet


    "Male-Fe" seeks to traverse the masculine body through a feminine sensibility that enhances virility and sensuality. Photography_ Andres Fegara (@andresfegara) Fashion_ Mireia Torra (@miretorra) Model_ Javier Rodríguez (@javieroddriguez) from Blow Models (@blowmodels) Grooming and hair_ Virginia Marqués (@virginiamarques_) Clothes_ Vintage

  • Light Play

    Photography by Diego Harmuch (@iamdiegocristiano) and Nina Eilisa (@itsninaeilisa) Hair and Makeup by Sara Yunis (@sara.ymakeup) and Karima Gilmanova @kareema_mua Models: Sabrina De Mello (@sabrina.demello) & Anita (@annienayyar) Styled by Faheem Ismail (@faheemfj) Creative direction by Sai Ferrera (@saiferrera) Clothes by: ( @cece.chic )

  • Artist of the month: Sybil Viviene

    What do you think is Asia's major role in Art? Asia has a diverse culture and rich history reflected in our Art. It has many countries that are different from one another, and with that, I think Asian art can offer endless experiences and inspiration to people worldwide. Also, with our art, you can immerse in the culture, lifestyle, history, and vibrant landscapes, which are different from western art. Describe the art scene in the Philippines. Where I am from, the art scene is very much alive. When you visit Cebu, art is evident even on the streets. We also have painting exhibits, galleries, and organizations where emerging artists can join, interact and share ideas. Being in a club also helped when I first started with digital art. It gave me ideas about suitable devices, the programs to use, where to land clients, etc. Social Media also plays a significant role in showcasing our artwork. I've connected with artists across the Philippines and met clients locally and internationally. Where is a good place to seek art inspiration in your country? The Philippines has different cultures, languages, food, and scenery. Every region is somehow different. You can find inspiration anywhere. But for me, since I love illustrating people and fashion, Cebu is a great place. It is a bustling city. The people are trendy, excellent art community and you can easily immerse yourself in nature, you can go up in the mountains and the sea just a few hour's drive from the city. But I also get inspired whenever I travel, Like when I went to Siargao, I got inspired by its chill and vibrant summer vibe lifestyle. That made me draw many women on surfboards, bikinis, and beaches. I am Sybil Viviene Mulig-Emphasis, 30 years of age and currently based in Cebu, Philippines. I am a Licensed Civil Engineer, but I fell in love with art and fashion. I did not study any formal art classes. I only did summer art classes when I was a kid, so that was the closest art education that I had, everything else is from youtube, books, and self-taught. 5. Tell us how did you get into Digital Art. When did your interest in painting start? My interest in art and painting started very early in my childhood. I remember I would fill my notebooks with sketches of women and clothes. When my mother noticed my interest, she enrolled me every summer in an informal art class, where I learned the basics. When I went to college, and it was time for me to choose a career path, Fine arts or fashion-related courses were not on the cards. Firstly because it is expensive, Secondly, my mother was sick at the time, so money was tight, and thirdly, Art related courses were frowned upon because they said: "it will not generate money." So, the good choice was to stay in my hometown and study civil engineering. Time went on, and I became a fully pledged civil engineer, but my love for art and fashion is still there. So I ended up quitting my corporate job and started illustrating. It was not I got on Digital art because, at the time, it was convenient, and I could land clients more easily. And from then on, there was no turning back. How will you describe your style in illustration? My illustrations are relatively simple. It is not very detailed and is kind of messy. It's a minimalist style with only a simple background, but I also love a splash of bold colors on the clothes. I don't consciously think about what my art style would be. I just let the art flow and do this magic. I also want to try out different styles and more complex art in colors and composition in the future so I can tell a better story. Tell us more about your exhibition – what's the story / inspiration behind this? These illustrations are a homage to the vibrant collections of major fashion houses.It is Inspired by its elaborate designs and bold colors. Two of these illustrations feature filipino fashion influencers and a design from a filipina fashion designer, Cheetah Rivera. I also love to celebrate filipino fashion in my illustrations to showcase how philippine fashion can compete on the world stage. Did you experiment or had a new approach to this particular artwork set? I experimented with the color palettes and how I can emphasize the colors and details of the clothes more. I also made the poses more dramatic than the reference photos. What's next for you? Any exciting plans for the future? After being on hiatus for a year because I gave birth to my son, I will be opening my online shop soon and hopefully will be able to launch my youtube channel next year as well. I will be offering a different kind of merch and the exciting part is that I will be making it in the comfort of my home. Also, I will be venturing into traditional art more and event illustration and doing live paintings on-site. I'm sure it will be fun! 9. What's your ultimate goal as an artist? The goal is to work with global brands, and my art will be widely recognized across the creative scene. But what keeps me going every day is that I wish my art could bring happiness to others. I hope it is something they can relate to, or feel empowered and inspired by. Just making a difference one art at a time. And with that, I could reach my ultmate goal. What is your motto in life? There is this quote from Ralph Waldo Emerson that says "what lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us". This quote is very powerful because often when I feel down, it gives me a little courage to try again and reminds me that I have the potential within me to reach my goals. I have to work on it a little harder and be braver; the rest are just tiny matters. Where can people contact you or see your work? You can see my works on my Instagram or send me an email at;'


    Jad Solito winning piece for WISDOM Eco-Warrior Competition held last December 8 at the Hilton Hotel Manila. INAUL: a representation of Dream weavers to the world Weaving plays a massive role in promoting the identity, culture, and arts of the Philippines. Inaul is an art of weaving of the Maguindanao people. Its luxurious texture is a blend of silk and gold threads infused into the pure cotton threads and woven in complicated techniques. This design was a fusion of cultural filipiniana and maguindanaoan architecture presented in a modern approach. The details signify the strength of the culture as it stands firm with pride, dignity and identity. It is a unifying factor that binds culture and communities. Together, it is the embodiment of not only the maguindanaoan people but of the Philippines as a whole. With the use of recyclable plastic bottles to add details, it sends a simple but significant message “trash to fashion” “throwing to upcyling” executed in sustainable way and pushing boundaries of fashion for the future. Together, let us celebrate our heritage and keep it alive for generations to come. I am Jad Solito, a proud filipino designer. And this is my Art. IG:

  • Tales of Monegros

    Tales of Monegros by Seigar. This travel photo narrative tells the story of the Monegros desert and its haunting quality. Monegros is a county in Aragon, Spain located within the provinces of Zaragoza and Huesca. Like many photographers that have been before inspired by this rural landscape, I was attracted to this region to work on its landscapes, landmarks, and little villages we find on the road. The word Monegros comes from mon (countryside) and negros (black color), however, I could find many other warm colors and tones. The photos were taken in December 2021, and though not far from there we could find snow, this desertic area is famous for its blue sky and its semiarid climate, with barely any rainfall and high temperatures. Like any other Spanish destination, it offers traditions and a religious presence. Monegros in my pop view became some curious buildings, mysterious trees, and big open sceneries. It is one of the most intriguing and unearthly places I have ever been, and the fact it has few populations completed this vision. Webpage: Instagram: Galleries: Blog:

  • FACETS: Christos

    Christos is a Greek international model and influencer who by the age of 17 had already built a large social media following. Last year when he turned 18 and was on holiday in Dubai, he was discovered by Luminary Models, a local and international scouting and modelling agency. Since then he had began his journey as an international model with his first International placement in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. When we ask Christos, what was the best part about his experience in Dubai? “It would be walking for Arab fashion week and being able to meet and collaborate with other artist!”. Currently Christos is looking forward for his next placement in London, United Kingdom and where are quite excited for where life will take this young man! INSTAGRAM: @christos_71 One would describe Christos as someone who is down to earth and driven to learn new things. Photogrpaher: Stylist: Agency: @luminary.models Model: @christos_71

  • New Phase

    Photography: Koji Arboleja Assistant: Bardo Wu and Jake Pereza Styling: Vince Crisostomo Hair and Makeup: Gino Alducente Model Liga Jankova

  • Teenage Angst


  • LANI

    Photography by: Aileen Wang

  • The Barren Soil

    Species distribution is the manner in which a biological taxon is spatially in area. Faced with aggressive habitat we feel heterogeneity and aloofness. Maybe it's just a destructive environment out, but it`s not something wrong with you. The story is about the inner feelings of beleave in ourselves even if everything around is against. Creative director, photographer: Mila Kowalski Model: Nastasia Kvariani

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