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Abakada: Preserving Filipino Heritage in Modern Streetwear Fashion

Abakada, named after the Filipino alphabet consisting of 20 letters, is not just a streetwear brand—it is a movement that passionately promotes Filipino culture and heritage. Embracing the essence of contemporary fashion and streetwear, Abakada seamlessly integrates traditional Filipino elements into their designs. With a mission to celebrate the country's rich heritage, Abakada is on a journey to redefine Filipino streetwear and showcase the beauty of the Philippines through its unique and culturally inspired collections.

Abakada's designs embody a harmonious blend of tradition and modernity. By incorporating elements from the Filipino alphabet and culture, the brand creates a visual language that speaks volumes about the country's heritage. From bold graphics depicting indigenous patterns to cleverly designed garments featuring iconic Filipino symbols, Abakada crafts streetwear that proudly tells the story of the Philippines. With each piece, wearers become walking canvases, sparking conversations and igniting a sense of cultural pride.

Rooted in their Filipino roots, Boyon and Calma sought to infuse their designs with elements that reflect the beauty and diversity of the Philippines. ABAKADA Clothing draws inspiration from traditional Filipino symbols, patterns, and cultural motifs, transforming them into contemporary streetwear aesthetics. By incorporating these elements, the brand pays homage to their heritage, creating a visual language that speaks to the pride and identity of Filipinos around the world.

Since its inception, ABAKADA Clothing has captured the attention and admiration of streetwear enthusiasts around the world. Through an online presence and collaborations with influencers, the brand has gained recognition beyond the Filipino diaspora, spreading the message of Filipino pride and culture to diverse audiences. ABAKADA Clothing's global reach has allowed it to contribute to the broader dialogue of cultural representation in fashion and highlight the richness of the Filipino experience.

ABAKADA Clothing, founded in 2018 by Arvin Boyon and Calvin Calma in Chicago, Illinois, has emerged as a formidable force in the world of Filipino streetwear. By blending Filipino cultural heritage with streetwear aesthetics, the brand has created a unique identity that resonates with individuals seeking fashionable self-expression while honoring their roots. Through their authentic designs, ABAKADA Clothing has cultivated a sense of pride and unity within the Filipino community and beyond. As the brand continues to evolve and expand its reach, it will undoubtedly leave an indelible mark on the streetwear landscape, proudly representing the Filipino culture to the world.


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