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FACETS: Shayne Lopez of Tiediet

Tell us about yourself and your brand ( tiediet).

Elevating tie-dye involves taking an old art form and turning it into something new and modern. This can be done by experimenting with different color combinations, pattern designs, and fabric materials. Collaborating with other artists allows me to get exciting ideas to be shared and explored. This can include combining tie-dye with other forms of art, such as painting, embroidery, or photography. Finally, creating magic with colors can involve manipulating the colors of the fabric to create a unique and one-of-a-kind look. This could include using fabric paints, bleaching, or dip-dyeing to achieve a desired outcome.

Any childhood memory related to your early beginnings of being an artist?

Weirdly Pokémon resonated with me. So I’d always be fascinated with all the new Pokémon’s coming out.I’d always try to collect them all, and I’d love to battle with my friends. I’d also watch the episodes, movies and play the games. It was a big part of my childhood and I’m still playing it to this day. It’s a great way to bond with friends and battle against each other.

How would you describe your style?

Gemini fairy with a little bit of grunge

Where do you seek inspiration?

Nature, food, and all the art around me.

Tell us more about your brand, where it is started?

It started with me customizing ukay pieces in 2013. I had a IG thrift shop for college. That gave me the platform to be creative with making old pieces into new ones. From there, I started to make my own designs and sell them.I started to collaborate with other local designers, manufacturers, and artisans to create limited edition pieces. My designs have been featured in several fashion shows and magazines, and I have been able to grow my brand and create a loyal customer base. I am currently working on launching my own clothing line, with a focus on sustainable fashion. I believe that fashion should be accessible and affordable for everyone, and I strive to create unique designs that are made with quality materials and attention to detail. I am passionate about creating pieces that will last and be loved for years to come.

Do you have any particular favorite collection?

No. I haven’t made my favorite collection yet.

What makes you do clothing brand? what urges you?

Honestly my angels. Haha. I’m not kidding!

Define art ( what is art for you for this generation )

Art is an expression in different forms. You can use it to heal. You can unleash your frustrations and pain. You’re basically using art as an expression of your current state. So Art for me is an essential key to unlocking my full potential as a creative.

To you, what makes a good artist at this time and age?

Consistent and nonconformist artists. Someone who is able to remain true to their own personal vision and create compelling and original works that stand out from the rest. Someone who is able to stay relevant and current, while also staying true to their core values and beliefs.

Whats your personal motto in life?

Love and gratitude

What is next for you? Any exciting projects, new collection?

Fashion Fundraiser with The Company Cebu this Feb

Where to contact you or where can people see and buy your clothes?


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