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Blnc X realme: Kenneth Tangonan

Photographer: KENNETH TANGONAN @kennethtangonan

Video: IAN FRANCISCO @ianfranciscoph

Makeup: JANELL CAPUCHINO @janellcapuchino

Hair: KIM ROY OPOG @kimroyopog

Styled by: BRYAN LAROZA @bryan.thestylist

Assisted by: MARA INCIONG @arigatomargo

Body chain and Skirt: JAD SOLITO @jad.solito

Printed Dress: CLIO DE LEON @the.cliodl

Blazer: GERALDINE TOMAQUIN @atelier.geraldinetomaquin

Top: JOHN ALBERT FURING @albertfuring.atelier

Boots: TIJN @tijn_official

Two-piece Dress: JAD SOLITO @jad.solito


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