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Bloom Boom

This February, love is not confined to the fleeting embrace of Valentine’s Day; instead, it extends its tendrils to the entire month, culminating in a spectacular display of floral artistry. On the last Sunday of February, five exceptionally talented visual artists—Deej Amago, Shai Ancheta, Peony on Fire, Prince Logan, and Dan Ivan Sepelagio—will converge at gallery. sort of. in Quezon City for a breathtaking group exhibition titled "Bloom Boom."

Peony on Fire - Wanderlings

Peony on Fire - Silver Linings

Originating from diverse corners of the Philippines, these artists, like skilled horticulturists, bring their unique blossoms of creativity to the capital. Deej Amago, hailing from Pangasinan, presents homoerotic bears cavorting in sybaritic fields. Shai Ancheta, representing Laguna, conjures otherworldly nymph-like faces emerging from tightly bunched bouquets. Peony on Fire, the artist from Cebu, manifests semi-mystical children of the corn frolicking with stalks and spores. Dan Ivan Sepelagio, rooted in the Mindanao capital of Davao, dreams in an almost-cinematic noir atmosphere, blending granny floral wallpaper and dusky rice fields with his enigmatic alter ego. Finally, Prince Logan, the artist from the central island behemoth of Cebu, transports viewers to a plane where cerulean-hued canvases combine the mysterious with the magical.

Shai Ancheta - Outbloom 4

Shai Ancheta - Outbloom 2

These artists weave personal narratives into garlands of beauty, using oils and acrylics to create lush and vivid visions. The exhibition promises not just technical skill but poetic sensibilities that elevate the viewer into realms of artistic imagination.

Combined, the works of these geographically separated but aesthetically kindred artisans coalesce into one fantastic garland, a smorgasboard of fragrant foliage.  The visual feast is stunning - and literally food for the soul

Deej Amago - Introduction

Deej Amago - Ang Sayaw ng Talumpanay

The doors of gallery. sort of. swing open to welcome art enthusiasts on February 25, 2024, at 4:00 pm. The exhibition will continue to bloom and captivate visitors for three weeks. You can find the gallery at 37 Camaro St., Fairview Park, Quezon City. Don't miss the chance to immerse yourself in the botanical wonderland these emerging artists have meticulously cultivated. "Bloom Boom" is set to be a celebration of love, art, and the boundless beauty found in the petals of imagination.

Dan Ivan Sepelagio - Save Me from the Wallpapers

Dan Ivan Sepelagio - Searching for That Place

Prince Logan - Scitor

Prince Logan - Celes

gallery. sort of is pleased to welcome five emerging artists of superb artistry to the capital.

The show opens at 4:00 pm on February 25, 2024, and will run for three weeks.

gallery. sort of. is located at 37 Camaro St., Fairview Park, Quezon City.


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