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Christian In A New Face

Words by: Mariel Abanes

We’ve met actor Christian Bables in different faces—once as Barbs in “Die Beautiful”, another as Samuel Panti in “The Panti Sisters”, even as Max in “Dirty Linen”, and so on. But for this year’s holidays, specifically for the Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF) 2023, he introduces his new face as Alfred in “Broken Hearts’ Trip”—a feel-good movie that inspires not just laughter, but different facets of humans in pain and love.

While most film-goers commend the impressive selection in this year’s MMFF, many have noted that, despite “Broken Hearts’ Trip'' leaning towards the comedic route, it induces more than just laughter in the cinema. And this, exactly, is what the lead actor resonates most about this recent project. “I think as an actor, there’s a need for me to tell this story, to tell the story of my character. I allow myself to be a vessel para maikwento ‘yung istorya ni Alfred dahil alam ko, marami sa mga manonood ang makakarelate and somehow can learn from him,” Christian tells BLNC.

It’s not the first time that the 31-year-old actor has played a queer character in a project, but Alfred is unlike his other roles in the past. And by a huge margin, he emphasizes, in terms of the character’s sensibilities—from the way he thinks to the way he feels.

The artist also found his off-the-set personality quite opposite from Alfred—where his role finds comfort in being an expressive producer and host, Christian is a self-confessed introvert. When it comes to love, he’s comfortable in his own company and doesn’t linger on what's done and over, unlike the Broken Hearts’ Trip protagonist who chooses to float in the remnants of the past.

This didn’t pose problems to the actor, regardless; instead, he welcomed this distinct personality and embraced Alfred from beginning to end, flaws and all, unfolding a twist towards its closing that he savored best among all the moments on the set. He can’t deny, though, bowing to Alfred’s fervor in the romance department. A key lesson from the film? “To be able to find love, dapat buo ka muna,” the lead star shares. “Dapat mahal mo muna yung sarili mo bago ka maging bukas para mahalin ng ibang tao.”

And of loving oneself, Christian has been quite fluent for a while—not just personally, but also in his career. Throughout his eight years and counting in the industry, he’s always been generous about allowing himself to grow. He does so by counting each day as a learning day, seeing his progress as he faces each job with genuinity—a trait he’s been proudly wearing from day one. “I am for authenticity,” he points out.

“I'm the type of actor whose for being genuine, being in the moment. And I'm the type who always aims for a win—lagi kong gusting manalo sa eksena ang objective ng character ko.”

Following the success of “Broken Hearts’ Trip”, the thespian won’t stop short as he faces the new year with a busy calendar. Ahead, Christian will star in two upcoming TV series and three movie projects—just a taste of what’s to come for him. No matter how hectic it gets, however, he makes time for one important thing: to constantly dream. In his future bucketlist? Snagging a dream role as a suicide bomber. “Ang complex ng character na ‘to, so kapag iniisip ko na ako ‘yung gaganap sa ganito, ano ‘yung mga kaya kong ibigay for the character?” the star muses.

Moreover, he lists down his dream collaborators. One, to work with Maricel Soriano, one of the remaining local superstars that he has yet to work with. And if given the chance, Meryl Streep. “Kung mangangarap ka na lang din naman, taasan mo na!” he exclaims. We won’t be surprised if it becomes a reality, to be honest—and, we wonder what new face Christian will introduce when it happens.

Words by @marielabanes

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