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Ciao Bella

She's finally here! Lesha is on her way to becoming the rockstar of today's generation. In a short span of time, she'll be sharing her latest song that's about to hit the airwaves, and you're sure to love it. But apart from releasing her soon-to-be hits, Lesha has already achieved some remarkable milestones. The 26-year-old independent singer, songwriter, and music producer is thrilled and honored for all the opportunities coming her way.

One noteworthy accomplishment is having her own billboard in the iconic New York Times Square, one of the dreamiest places on earth. Just imagine seeing her larger-than-life photo on a high-rise building in the heart of New York City. Lesha shared her excitement, saying, "I was overjoyed when I heard the news! I've always dreamed of having my name and face on a billboard, but I never imagined it would happen so quickly and on such a grand scale. It was truly a dream come true to see my face on a billboard representing The Philippines in the middle of New York Times Square for Spotify Equal."

Recently, she received not one but two nominations for The New Hue PH awards, which celebrate creators and visionaries who push the boundaries of music videos. Lesha was ecstatic about the recognition and said, "I had no expectations when I got nominated, so I'm extremely grateful to New Hue PH for recognizing me at their awards this year for Best Female Artist and Best New Artist. Their platform showcases upcoming artists and uplifts the OPM scene, allowing us to come together as a community."

Additionally, Lesha's song "Ciao Bella" recently reached the impressive milestone of one million streams on both Spotify and TikTok. It's no surprise that so many listeners are captivated by this emotionally charged anthem, thanks to its heart-touching melodies and lyrics. Lesha revealed her excitement, saying, "I honestly couldn't believe my eyes. Hitting 1 million streams on a song is a huge milestone for me. I wrote, produced, and filmed the music video for 'Ciao, Bella' in my bedroom during the peak of the pandemic, so it's a cool feeling to see how far I've come in my career, and it always reminds me of my humble beginnings."

With so many positive developments in her career, Lesha remains optimistic about her future progress. She's also proud of being a game changer in the music industry, having had the opportunity to collaborate with world-class producers and writers. This has allowed her to experiment with her music, exploring different genres and vocal styles.

Lesha shared some of her exciting experiences in music experimentation, mentioning a memorable session with LA producer Dela, singer-songwriter KAJO, and James Reid when they wrote "Skin2Skin." She described how they came up with the song's unique blend of danceable pop and melancholic chords, and it was a fast and creative process. Lesha also teased upcoming releases from her collaborations with Dela and other Careless artists.

Expect Lesha to become even fiercer in her musical choices as she adopts a new approach to her music. She believes there's a significant evolution in her writing style and genre compared to her previous works. She's been experimenting with the Pop Punk genre and is naturally drawn to it as she writes new songs. Lesha's dark and edgy side is becoming more prominent in her new creations.

Prepare to witness Lesha's fiercer and more direct style as she continues to navigate her musical journey in the coming months. She's sure to surprise you with her upcoming songs, set to be launched soon.

To stay updated with Lesha's music, be sure to check her out on Spotify and follow her on Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok.


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