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When it comes to modeling and influencing, it takes more than just a pretty face to make an impact in the industry. For some, it’s about using their platform to advocate for important causes and promote positive change in their communities. This is the case for young model and influencer, Liam Labrooy.

How did you first get into modeling and influencing, and what drew you to these industries?

Starting from a young age, I loved taking photos and dressing up. I loved expressing myself through my clothing choices and loved finding creative ways to present that through photos. Only recently did I start to take it more seriously as a real job. I started out modeling for my friends and doing the occasional test shoot but it was only when I was invited to walk in last years BYS Fashion Week did I realize I wanted to take things more seriously. Shoutout to Kyle (@cruz__kyle) of Cruz Manila (@cruz.mnl) and RJ (@rjsantos) of Randolph Clothing (@randolfclothing) for giving me a chance!

As a model and influencer, Liam uses his platform to advocate for causes and raise awareness about important issues. He grew up in Boracay and frequently goes back and forth to help out with his family's businesses. Liam created a brand called WDYGYS (Where Did You Get Your Shit) with his friend Favour Ajah, and they are in the process of creating products locally sourced from Boracay. Liam wants to highlight and support the creative people on the island by organizing relief projects for young locals and feeding programs to help the local community. Although he doesn't feel the need to post about these things on social media, Liam uses his influence to help his community in any way he can.

How do you balance your personal brand and identity with the expectations and demands of the modeling and influencing industries?

I’ve actually struggled with this a little. I know that I don’t fit under the typical model or influencer in the Philippines and I feel like I have definitely lost some work or opportunities cause I look and act differently. But I’ve learned to trust the process and to believe in myself. I love what I do and the content and work I produce and I just need to believe that other people will see that and recognize it one day!

Can you talk about a specific campaign or collaboration that you're particularly proud of, and what made it meaningful to you?

I recently did a campaign with Vision Express and it was my first time seeing myself in a store! Crazy to think I was shopping in the store just a year prior. The fact that the team trusted me to have my face plastered all over their social media and stores is amazing haha.

When it comes to navigating the potential pressures or challenges of social media and online visibility as an influencer and public figure, Liam used to care so much about what he posted and what people thought of his content. Now, he posts what he wants in real-time without filtering or editing. Liam's page is for him, and if you don't like what he posts, then unfollow him. Social media is fun for him, and he wants to keep it that way without overthinking it.

How do you navigate the potential pressures or challenges of social media and online visibility as an influencer and public figure?

I used to care so much about what I posted and what people thought of my content and now I just merely post what I want. My friends usually make fun of me cause usually I post in real time haha. Once I take content, I usually post 1 min after without filtering or editing! My page is for me and if you don’t like what I post just unfollow me. Social media is fun for me and I want to keep it that way; I would hate to overthink it.

What role do you see models and influencers playing in promoting diversity and inclusivity in the fashion and beauty industries?

It’s nice to see more diversity in the industry. I think we have a lot more to do to create more inclusivity but I like that brands are slowly trying to diversify. I think rather than just waiting for brands to reach out, I think it is also important to put yourself out there and get noticed!

What advice do you have for other young people who aspire to enter the modeling or influencing industries?

Be yourself, know your brand and just keep at it. Not everyone is going to believe in yourself but keep at it and people will see your talent eventually. I also love collaborating with different artists. Test shoots are always fun cause there are no limits. You also get to work with different people in the industry! Whether that be photographers, HMUAs, and fellow models/content creators!


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