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In the era of social media, platforms like TikTok have become powerful tools for self-expression, creativity, and career growth. For those who navigate both the TikTok world and the fashion industry, finding a balance between personal fashion choices and industry demands is crucial to maintain authenticity. We sat down with a TikTok superstar and fashion model to discuss how they manage to stay true to themselves while influencing trends and meeting the expectations of the fashion world.

As a TikTok superstar and fashion model, you have a significant influence on trends and styles. How do you balance your personal fashion choices and the demands of the fashion industry to maintain authenticity in both realms?

Thrifting is one way for me to experiment with things I want to wear. There is a different kind of excitement in exploring the diversity of garments, may it be the type of fabric, design, structure, size, and fit that fuel my branding. It gives me more control, but at the same time, it challenges me to align it with the latest fashion trends as I add my personal touch to it through my fashion choices.

TikTok is known for its creative and fast-paced content, while the fashion industry often follows more traditional and slower processes. How do you navigate these differences and leverage your TikTok presence to stay at the forefront of fashion trends?

I personally take my time to study both Tiktok and the fashion industry. I navigate the differences through constant learning and taking every opportunity to learn from the constant changes, and I leverage my TikTok to stay at the forefront of fashion trends by adapting to these changes. I take my time with each piece of content I create. I review every detail and ensure that my content is versatile for various audiences. I want my content to be relatable and useful. Through this, I manage to allow my content to prosper not only with fashion trends but also as a tool that serves my purpose as a model and content creator.

Fashion modeling often involves embodying a specific brand or designer's vision. How do you infuse your own unique style and personality into your modeling work, while still meeting the expectations of the fashion industry?

One of the things I value in the industry of fashion modeling is connecting with every person I work with and encounter. I listen to instructions and harmonize with what I am expected to deliver. I don't just follow; I also embody. I want to be able to internalize the message and image I am told to portray. I study it well and communicate. I am open to suggestions, and I am also working to suggest ideas if I think there are ideas that could elevate the concept. For me, it's all about working as one, and this has always been who I am and not just for the sake of work, so I am still myself regardless.

Your TikTok videos showcase your creative fashion sense and unique styling. How has your TikTok success influenced your opportunities as a fashion model, and how do you use both platforms to complement each other?

I can't deny how Tiktok paved the way for a lot of opportunities. In my case, Tiktok allowed me to showcase my passion, connect with brands, and connect with people who aspire to be fashion models. I use my platforms, such as Tiktok, to inspire others to come out of their shells and embrace their individuality. I target audiences of different body types. Through that, I can feel the sense of fulfillment of making the most of my platforms while progressing with a purpose.

As a fashion model, you are often photographed and styled by professionals. How do you bring your own personal touch and creative input to these collaborations, ensuring that your true self shines through?

I always review and analyze the concept of each shoot. I don't just pose; it is my responsibility as a model to embody a character and represent an idea. Because of that, I pay attention to every single detail. I bring my own personal touch to communicating with the people I work with. I suggest, and I am open to suggestions. I study my body type, my angles, and the poses I create and combine them with what I am expected to deliver. In that way, I am able to maximize my skills as a model, and both parties can achieve the vision that is meant to be portrayed for the best outcome of creative shoots.

TikTok allows for direct interaction with your fans and followers. How do you use this platform to engage with your audience and receive feedback on your fashion choices and modeling work?

I have kept in mind that I engage with my fans and followers through my content. The purpose of my content to begin with is for various people to feel inspired, included, and represented. I also pay attention to their feedback and review the comment section. As much as I can, I reply to them as well. I take their comments as reviews for affirmation and constructive criticism, and I listen to their suggestions for the idea of my next video. I listen to them, and I value what they have to say about my videos; they're the core of what I do.

Both TikTok and the fashion industry have their own set of standards and expectations when it comes to beauty and appearance. How do you challenge and redefine these standards through your content and modeling, promoting inclusivity and body positivity?

My perspective on beauty being subjective is firm. The only thing that matters is how individuals carry themselves and embrace every inch of what makes them who they are. It's all about owning your uniqueness and embracing yourself as a whole. My idea of beauty is the message I put in every piece of content I release for my audience to realize that the standard of beauty is not to be defined by others but by yourself. It's your responsibility to see the beauty you possess.

TikTok provides a platform for self-expression and experimentation. How do you incorporate this spirit of exploration and individuality into your fashion modeling career, pushing boundaries and breaking traditional norms?

I always put into my mind that there is no reason for me to cage myself, my ideas, and my content to what society has set. In any aspect, self-awareness is a big factor for me. It's knowing what you want, knowing who you are, and not letting other people question you and your capabilities. You, and only you, know yourself best. Once you establish that, you will literally be unstoppable.

Fashion trends come and go quickly in the digital age. How do you stay ahead of the curve, constantly evolving your personal style and adapting to the ever-changing demands of the fashion industry and TikTok audience?

With the ever-changing demands of the fashion industry and as to evolving my personal style, I adapt but don't necessarily pressure myself to follow what's "in". I adapt and choose to elevate it, but I still prefer to stick to my personal taste and branding. I love to experiment, and I am fearless when it comes to exploring things on my own, which enables me to stay ahead of the curve.

What advice do you have for aspiring TikTok superstars who also aspire to pursue a career in fashion modeling? How can they effectively combine their presence on TikTok with their modeling aspirations?

I want to start by reminding everyone to recognize their strengths. Being a model includes awareness of your appearance, your body type, and your features, and it revolves around how you display yourself. Regardless of that, beauty is subjective, and we will never know what it is about us that others find beautiful, which is why we have to embrace every feature we possess. How we display confidence can be seen through our body language, and it affects how others see us. The modeling world is full of rejection, and it's easy to take rejection personally, but we have to keep in mind that we all have something unique to offer. Presenting yourself as a confident person can play a big role in becoming a successful model. Tiktok is a great platform to showcase your confidence, display your uniqueness, and connect with others. In this industry, your enemy and ally is yourself.

TIKTOK: @arthurosin


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