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Gallery. Sort Of. Presents Anton Villaruel: IMBAYSIB - The Invasion Within

gallery. sort of is pleased to welcome Anton Villaruel this Sunday, August 13, 2023.

Anton offers an indictment of invasive plant species that make their way onto Philippine shores, and insidiously make their home deep into native soil, infesting and uprooting indigenous species. Yes, at first blush, this is a statement on environmental purity, and the dangers of cross-border pollination.

From 4:00 p.m. onwards, Gallery. Sort Of. will host this groundbreaking art show at its enchanting location on 37 Camaro St., Fairview Park, Quezon City. Anton Villaruel, a celebrated artist known for his ability to intertwine art with socio-political commentary, presents an indictment of invasive plant species, drawing a striking parallel to the numerous ways in which the Philippines has been invaded over the years.

Colonialist powers, Hollywood's superficial allure, dictators' iron-fisted rule, the ever-present sway of social media—these external forces have permeated the Philippines, often beyond the country's control. Gradually, these influences accumulate, leaving the nation vulnerable to transformation, and in some cases, obliteration. Just like invasive plants, these foreign elements have taken root, upending the natural order and threatening indigenous facets.

The exhibition doesn't shy away from contemporary examples of these invasions, showcasing the relentless bombardment of K-drama, the complex allure of crypto-currency, the captivating allure of Thai BL, the transformative power of artificial intelligence, the deceptive allure of scams, the disruptive force of hackers, and the controversial POGOS. We find ourselves amidst an invasion, an amalgamation of cultures, ideas, and technologies that shape our identity.

Anton Villaruel's "IMBAYSIB" asks us to reflect on the roots that strangle our souls, raising questions about our survival, adaptation, and potential mutation. Will we, like resilient native species, weather this storm of influences and emerge stronger, or will we be replaced, our soil nourishing an entirely different kind of entity?

Join us this Sunday, August 13, 2023, at Gallery. Sort Of. in Fairview Park, Quezon City, as we witness Anton Villaruel's thought-provoking artistry, a powerful reminder of the ongoing invasion within, while we contemplate the delicate balance between preserving our heritage and embracing the ever-evolving world.

Don't miss this captivating exhibition that challenges our perspectives and encourages us to safeguard our roots in the face of relentless change. Be part of the dialogue, the transformation, and the exploration of what it truly means to be Filipino in the 21st century.

gallery. sort of. is located at 37 Camaro St., Fairview Park, Quezon City. The show opens at 4:00 p.m.

Anton Villaruel is a Filipino printmaker based in Biñan Laguna. He is a graduate of University of the Philippines Bachelor in Fine Arts and a member of the Association of Pinoyprintmakers Inc.

His most recent works include: participation and contributions for 20/30 A Limited Edition Print Portfolio project for the Cultural Center of the Philippines, completion of a 2 month printmaking residency in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia under Chetak 12, a solo release by Cartellino titled “Mga Lamang Poste”, “Day One” a group show in Altro Mondo art gallery, “Perjalanan” a two-man exhibition in CCP, “Ukit” in the Bencab Museum and “Parched Earth Ardent Spring” in UP Vargas Museum.


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