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What is Art for you?

Art - is the meaning of my life. It is a way to express my style, mood and ambitions.

What makes a good artist in this generation?

Making people feel something, when they look at their work. A nice piece of art can bring you good memories, inspire you to try new projects, and raise your spirit.

Basic info (name, age, where are you based, school or photography training, awards and achievements or anything related to photography etc..)

Nastya Polehyna.

Based in Odessa, Ukraine

I am self taught

My achievements, well: twice I became the best photographer in competition in Odessa. And lots of random people

in the Internet write me how they like my editorials and thank me for the inspiration (that's the most pleasant part)

Tell us how you got into photography. When did your interest in photography start?

I adored fashion from early childhood. I was blogging fashion editorials for a while and as I am very ambitious - I decided to make photographs by myself.

How will you describe your style in photography?

I`m trying to stand out, to be original. I don't show the beauty of people - that is boring, I express my creativity by my shoots.

About your editorial – what’s the story behind this?

I wanted to make some huge project to test my organization skills. As usual - I made a clear plan of posing and I felt like a conductor of a small orchestra during the shooting. That feeling is amazing.

What was the creative process in coming up with these images?

I looked through lots of editorials on Pinterest to realize - what exactly I want to get.

I think that is the most important part - an original photo is a well - organized one :)

Anything interesting or memorable about the shoot and did you experiment or had a new approach on this particular shoot?

I learned how to find a replacement for a model at the last minute and to style the group shoot by the clothes in my wardrobe) And it was the first shot - when I was so impressed by the beauty of models - that I forgot how to breathe sometimes :)

What's next for you? Any exciting plans in the future?

I want to work on top model agencies and to open a Youtube channel dedicated to fashion.

What is your motto in life?

Nothing is original (from my favorite book by A.Kleon)

Where can people contact you or see your works?


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