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Jad Solito winning piece for WISDOM Eco-Warrior Competition held last December 8 at the Hilton Hotel Manila.

INAUL: a representation of Dream weavers to the world

Weaving plays a massive role in promoting the identity, culture, and arts of the Philippines.

Inaul is an art of weaving of the Maguindanao people. Its luxurious texture is a blend of silk and gold threads infused into the pure cotton threads and woven in complicated techniques.

This design was a fusion of cultural filipiniana and maguindanaoan architecture presented in a modern approach. The details signify the strength of the culture as it stands firm with pride, dignity and identity. It is a unifying factor that binds culture and communities. Together, it is the embodiment of not only the maguindanaoan people but of the Philippines as a whole.

With the use of recyclable plastic bottles to add details, it sends a simple but significant message “trash to fashion” “throwing to upcyling” executed in sustainable way and pushing boundaries of fashion for the future.

Together, let us celebrate our heritage and keep it alive for generations to come.

I am Jad Solito, a proud filipino designer. And this is my Art.



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