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All Grown Up

Words by: Mariel Abanes

Many have known Kelvin Miranda for the roles he had taken up in the past, with viewers watching the actor grow up to his present self through the screen. However, in recent years, we’ve seen the 24-year-old in different light – probably in more challenging characters that present more layers of depth that he wants to show to the world.

Kelvin Miranda is ready to leave behind his teenage cutesy image and dive deep into the stunning, sometimes overwhelming, but exciting adventure of adulthood. He may be young, but his words hold much weight than anyone would think. No, he’s no longer a child – it’s a skin he’s shed for quite some time. Shining through is a man wise for his age, ready to inspire and conquer the world of his own making.

Beyond His Teen Roles

Stepping out of his kid’s playground became evident when the actor entered his 20s. Taking on projects that reintroduced Kelvin as an actor, he lists down the likes of “Lost Recipe” and “Dead Kids” as the turning point of his career. “Actually, sa lahat naman ng nagiging work ko, committed naman talaga ako. Pero kasi dito [Lost Recipe and Dead Kids] talaga, as in nag-immerse ako para mag-benefit ‘yung character ko,” he says.

He also adds how, as part of his preparations, he thinks ahead and readies himself holistically so he can transition well into the role.

“Para ‘yung pagta-transition, hindi masyadong biglang-bigla. Mas madali mag-a-adjust ‘yung utak at katawan ko. Mahirap kasi ‘yung wala kang alam, e.”

After getting a taste of giving life to such eccentric personas, the young star began his quest for more exploration. Case in point: his most recent Netflix film with Miles Ocampo called “Missed Connections”. A love story, on surface, as many people would think when they see the movie’s trailer; but there’s much more to the project than meets the eye.

“Ang nagustuhan ko sa pelikula na ‘to is hindi sila natakot na iparamdam na ang bida nila is kontrabida rin,” the actor muses. “Bida siya sa sarili niyang mundo, pero kontrabida siya in reality.” For those who have seen the film, we know that it goes beyond the romance trope – more of a relatable coming-of-age tale that youth his age can definitely relate to, as Kelvin did.

Millennials and Genz Zs are definitely guilty of overthinking, and how most of our experiences are determined by the workings of our minds. “’Yung mga ganitong klaseng tema, ito talaga ‘yung pinagdadaanan ng generation ngayon, e. Ako, na-experience ko din siya in the past. Na mismong ako, napangungunahan ko na ‘yung mga bagay kahit hindi pa nangyayari,” he admits.

This piece is just a start for Kelvin – he’s opened his doors for projects that will put him on the edge and push him to give his all. Whether it’s the script that he just can’t get enough of or the pull of working with great thespians in the industry, he is willing to go outside the bounds of his comfort zone. “Kapag may gusto akong role talaga, ilalaban ko siya.” His persistence landed him more opportunities – and fans can expect a couple or more projects just before the year ends.

Beyond His Teen Years

Now in his mid-20s, the actor acknowledges the demands that come with being an adult. One way he’s keeping it real and steady is taking one thing from younger years: the aspect of respect that his parents taught him. He’s used this as his staying power in navigating his current life, whether he’s on taping or he’s simply being with himself and his other passions in life.

He pairs respect with persistence; Kelvin has that hunger for learning that needs to be satiated. Kelvin describes it best, “Ako yung tipo ng tao na ayokong tumigil matuto. So gusto ko everyday, in every opportunity or chance na binibigay sakin, meron akong mapupulot na aral do’n.”

Despite the appetite to make the most out of all the possibilities laid out in front of him, the actor doesn’t compete with anyone else but himself. It’s a sign of maturity that, least to say, gives him a stronghold of himself in the crazy world of show business. The “Missed Connections” leading man figured that competition leads to comparison, and comparison leads to insecurities. And these insecurities take out the fun in our passions, he believes.

“Para sa’kin, iniisip ko lang na mag-enjoy ako. Hinahanap ko ‘yung sarili ko sa paraan na mag-e-enjoy at matututo ako. Kasi kapag inisip mo na isang malaking competition ito, talo ka na kaagad, e. Kasi makukumpara mo na ‘yung sarili mo kahit wala pa. So as long as binibigay mo ‘yung best mo, panalo ka,” he asserts.

He applies the same mindset with his other pursuits – beyond acting, Kelvin reveals that he’s keen on learning how to play the saxophone as well as producing paintings and other artworks. Growth never ceases for him.

Kelvin, Now

One of the misconceptions about the actor that he would like to break is him being “suplado” (he blames his poor eyesight for this). Beyond a tough exterior, Kelvin is actually a man of calm and wise words – uncovering truths that, like anyone of us, give more meaning to our day to day life.

When asked about how he manages adulating, he spills thoughts like rainshowers of gold, bringing up the struggles that everyone faces especially in this time of our lives. “Mararanasan mo rin talaga yung mid-life crisis, unknowingly, unconsciously,” the actor relates. If there’s anything that he wishes people his age would do, it’s to always look inward, consciously ask yourself the important questions, and actively seek solutions.

“I-try mong hanapin agad ‘yung mga solusyon, alamin mo kung nasaan ka para hindi ka maliligaw. The mind creates thoughts, thoughts create feelings, and feelings create behavioural reality. Nama-manifest natin ‘yan, e – kung anong laman ng utak natin, na-e-encounter natin siya in reality,” Kelvin shares. This, as well as never losing your faith. “Basta meron kang faith, hindi ka matatalo.”

Mind-boggling as steering the wheel of life can be, the actor grounds himself with the fact that living isn’t a one-away street. When asked about his mantra, he reads from his notes – he reveals that he often jots down his musings to look back on later – and offers a slice of reality tidbit. “Life is not all about happiness. Life is about experiences. When it comes to experiences, you’re supposed to learn and enjoy through suffering the same way you do in pleasure. Because suffering is undeniably part of life. And we have to acknowledge it and learn how to communicate with pain and mistakes so we can face the consequences of our choices,” he reflects. “At hindi natin kailangang mabuhay lang sa kaligayahan. Kailangan din nating mabuhay sa kalungkutan.”

Bottomline? Kelvin encourages us to be brave and live through the ups and downs. Because eventually, that’s what sums up growing up – and the actor is all present to enjoy the rollercoaster ride we’re all mounted in.

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