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Love Galore by Michael Oliver

My name is Michael Oliver Love, I’m based in Cape Town, South Africa. I am a self-taught photographer with an educational background in English literature & gender studies. I have always been in love with fashion editorials since a young age. Would love to pick up the latest Glamour or Marie Claire from the local newsstand and flip to see what beautiful images were shot that month. It wasn’t till I was about 17 that I realized that I could also try my luck at taking beautiful images if I really wanted to. So I picked up a camera and started shooting my friends and just grew from there. These days my photography focuses on men, looking into deconstructing modern masculinity and presenting a more gentle, soft, and vulnerable side to my models. I am obsessed with the beige, brown, and sandy color palette which I was very inspired by for this shoot. From the leather to the wood panel floors and the boy's skin, it was just a dream come true.

Photography and Styling by Michael Oliver Love


Reatile Mohlaoli

Okechukwu Ojukwu

Newton Igwele


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