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Mark Weigh: Me Time

A Fusion of Color, Calm, and Creative Energy

Curated by JT Gonzales

Color explodes. Color pops. Color soothes?

In the world of art, where muted tones often take center stage for their calming effects, Mark Weigh challenges the norm with his vibrant hues that send jolts of visual energy. The question arises: Can color and calm coexist? Can pulsating penumbras lead us into a zen zone?

Mark Weigh proposes just that in his solo show, "Me Time."

For what is “me time,” anyway, but a nod to the inner psyche? It's a recognition that paying attention to oneself is a valid choice. And part of that choice, according to Weigh, is to immerse oneself in the warmth of glorious, gorgeous colors – to bask, steep, and absorb, thereby nourishing those fatigued from a bleak, grim reality.

Splash amidst Mark’s radiant canvases, and you'll quickly realize that not everything about self-care is lazy indulgence. These works infuse invigorating emotions that deliver well-being in every inch.

Bubbles of soapy fun. Perky pinks. Frisky freesia. And, of course, the purples and crimsons of youth. These works are intended to wake us up - to make us race outdoors, there to laugh, dance, hum, and sing. It's an invitation to enjoy life with every fiber of our being, as we are meant to live and love.

gallery. sort of. Welcomes Mark Weigh for "Me Time"

In a distinctive fusion of architectural prowess and a passion for fitness, Mark Weigh is not your conventional artist. A practicing architect and fitness enthusiast, Mark finds his escape from the rigors of his profession by immersing himself in various creative pursuits, from painting on canvas to tinkering with sculptures and videos.

Me Time marks Mark's debut solo exhibition, and gallery. sort of. is delighted to host this exploration of color, calm, and creative energy. The exhibition opens its doors at 4:00 pm on January 28, 2024, promising to captivate art enthusiasts and newcomers alike. The show will run for three weeks, giving ample time for art lovers to experience the vibrant world Mark Weigh has created.

Event Details:

  • What: Me Time - Solo Exhibition by Mark Weigh

  • When: Opening on January 28, 2024, at 4:00 pm

  • Where: gallery. sort of. - 37 Camaro St., Fairview Park, Quezon City.

Prepare to be enthralled as Mark Weigh invites you to indulge in the vivid hues of "Me Time," where color, calm, and creative energy converge in a harmonious celebration of life.


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