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Mother and Child: Reimagined and Recast by 40 Contemporary Artists

Curated by Pia Mercado

"The decision to hold and curate this exhibition of 'Mother and Child: Reimagined and Recast by 40 Contemporary Artists', came effortlessly to me. I chose artists with whom I have a personal and professional connection with, artists whose works I am intimately familiar with. Viewers of this exhibition will get a chance to appreciate a diverse range of art from abstract, figurative, pop, surrealism, impressionism, sculpture, and even photography. This show is an avenue for these artists to showcase their individual styles while beautifully and expressively capturing the theme. It's a testament to the power and beauty of art that so many different styles and approaches can all contribute to such a powerful and cohesive display.

I cannot emphasize enough how proud I am to have established a rapport with all of these artists for this show. As we all know, the theme of 'Mother and Child' is universally relatable, so it did not take long for them to commit to being a part of it. Despite my relative lack of experience as a curator, working with all 40 of these artists has been quite a ride. I have learned things that I normally wouldn't have if I weren't the show's curator. For one, while we strive to run a smooth show by adhering to deadlines and managing logistics, we are actually dealing with 40 distinct souls, personalities, and stories and this is not a purely transactional process. Artists are not mere art-producing factories, and I have developed compassion to understand and adjust to each artist's individual circumstances.

Neil Carandang "Dadamba"

JEFFREY SISICAN "Mother Nature and Child" Mixed Media on Canvas

The role of a curator goes beyond conception, selection, and the hanging of the works. I have gotten to know some of these artists even better, learning about their current projects and where they are headed next. I have also had discussions about some of their struggles, both as an artist and as a human being. While technology and delivery services have made the art world more accessible, it's important to remember the human factor involved in creating art and putting on exhibitions. It was so heartwarming to be able to see and interact with other artists face to face after months or even years of just staying in touch online due to the pandemic.

This exhibition, like most, is not meant to be a one-way street. The artists learn from their audience while the audience learns from the artists. The curator learns from the artists, the artists learn from the curator as well. It’s a cycle that can keep going endlessly, and if you agree to this, even just the slightest, then the show has served its purpose. Thank you all for being a part of this journey. This exhibition is not just about me or the artists involved, it's about all of us. We all contribute to the art world in our own way, and I am grateful to have shared this experience with you." -Pia Mercado

RA TIJING "The BlackSheep" Acrylic on Canvas

JOSEPH ONG "Mom / Wow" Mixed Media on Canvas

JUN ESCARIO "Mother and Child" Abaca on Canvas

NEIL FELIPP "Mother & Child Series 01" Hand-sculpted brass sculpture, plated in 24K gold

MARK MASA "Sa Piling Ni Nanay" Mixed Media On Canvas

"Having spent a considerable amount of time in the art world, I felt compelled to curate the Mother and Child exhibition and collaborate with 40 different artists, even though I am not yet a mother myself. My interpretation of the theme is rooted in my role as a mentor to these artists, in many ways acting as a "mother figure" in their careers. Watching them grow and develop their skills has been incredibly fulfilling, and I wanted to create a platform that celebrated their talents and showcased their unique perspectives.

Therefore, this exhibition is my personal interpretation of the theme, a reflection of my deep respect for the artists I have worked with and my belief in the transformative power of art.

The artworks featured in this exhibition are not the traditional interpretations of Mother and Child paintings that one might expect. Rather, they represent the unique and diverse perspectives of the contemporary artists that Qube Gallery has had the pleasure of working with over the years. These artists have brought their own experiences, emotions, and creative impulses to bear on the theme, resulting in a fascinating and thought-provoking collection of artworks." - Pia Mercado

Mother and Child: Reimagined and Recast by

40 Contemporary Artists

11 May 2023, Qube Gallery Crossroads Banilad

This exhibition features the interpretation of over 40 artists and photographers handpicked by one of our directors, Pia Mercado, wearing the hat of a curator for the show.

Participating Artists:

Alee Garibay

Alyssa Selanova

Andre Chan

Arlene Donaire

Belle Maurice

Boy Kiamko

Budoy Marabiles

Carmen Araneta

Ceasar Azanza

Christian Villanueva

Dani Yu

Distort Monsters

Dondi Joseph

Gabi Nazareno

Geovanni Abing

Golda King

Greys Lockheart

Hersley Casero

Ivy Marie Apa

Jan Sunday

Jan Michael Tauro

Jay Jore

Jean Govinda

Jeffrey Sisican

John Villoria

Jose Mari Picornell

Joseph Ong

Jun Escario

Jjawzip Ingking

Karina Broce

Kean Larrazabal

Les Amacio

Lhee Taneo

Mark Masa

Mijan Jumalon

Neil Carandang

Neil Felipp

Nicole Asares

OJ Hofer

RA Tijing

Red Genotiva

Ronyel Compra

Soika Vomiter

Thom Jopson

Uzi Emperado

Xandro Romualdez


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