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Space Between: Vivoree

 In a world that often equates glamour with unattainable perfection, emerges a luminous star whose beauty transcends conventional standards. Vivoree, a name now synonymous with grace and talent, has not only become a captivating face in the realm of Philippine entertainment but has also woven an inspiring narrative of transformation within the confines of the Pinoy Big Brother house.


Stephen Capuchino

using Tamron Philippines Lenses and

Phottix Philippines Equipment

Make up:

Janell Capuchino


Mycke Arcano (@wieldcreatives) using

Lynelle Hair

Art Direction:

Jobo Nacpil


Cath Sobrevega

Kristine Landingin

Kamille David

Special thanks to:

Star Magic

Capt. Luz Bagalacsa

Tamron PH

Phottix PH

Sela Gonzales

Queen Vinluan


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