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Summer on My Mind

by Seigar (Feat. SergiO). 

This series of conceptual pop art portraits encapsulates the essence of summer as more than just a season but as a mindset. It embodies the ideals of seizing the day, embracing self-confidence, and fostering self-love. SergiO, portrayed with his Olympian physique, not only exudes physical strength but also demonstrates a genuine kindness. Through playful interactions with objects reminiscent of joy and entertainment, he taps into his inner sense of fun. The collection carries a distinct "Seigar" vibe, characterized by vibrant colors and the inclusion of Plastic People, who join the model in celebrating the spirit of summer. During the shoot, the female figure, christened Guacimara in a nod to Canarian culture, was born under the sunny skies of Puerto de la Cruz. "Summer on my Mind" delivers a powerful message urging viewers to revel in life, cherish themselves, speak kindly to themselves, and strive for their best selves. It's a reminder that adopting a summer state of mind is within reach – a journey towards embracing life's joys and one's own potential.


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