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Tales of Monegros

Tales of Monegros by Seigar.

This travel photo narrative tells the story of the Monegros desert and its haunting quality. Monegros is a county in Aragon, Spain located within the provinces of Zaragoza and Huesca. Like many photographers that have been before inspired by this rural landscape, I was attracted to this region to work on its landscapes, landmarks, and little villages we find on the road. The word Monegros comes from mon (countryside) and negros (black color), however, I could find many other warm colors and tones. The photos were taken in December 2021, and though not far from there we could find snow, this desertic area is famous for its blue sky and its semiarid climate, with barely any rainfall and high temperatures. Like any other Spanish destination, it offers traditions and a religious presence. Monegros in my pop view became some curious buildings, mysterious trees, and big open sceneries. It is one of the most intriguing and unearthly places I have ever been, and the fact it has few populations completed this vision.


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