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Tales of Morocco

By Seigar

The series “Tales” is how I present all my travel and street photography work, and my main intention with these photo narratives is to express the Latin message of Carpe Diem. I think it’s related to waking up. “Enjoying life” is essential, and “taking care of ourselves” (eat, move, and rest the best you know) is part of waking up too.

All these ideas work together. Let me share another reflection: when artists discuss censorship and cancellation culture, I always think of Madonna as a role model to follow, with decisions and actions rather than words or moaning. The brave attitude she has shown her whole life inspires me. All this debate about censorship is like the metaphor of the bird inside the cage with the doors completely open—it's there, fly! So let’s do it; let’s take action rather than complain about it. If only we all knew the power we have in our hands, it’s on us! We decide. We are free.

Individually free, each of us! This metaphor works not just for censorship but for every single thing in life, for every goal that you have, and you may be crazily waiting for authorization from someone, or even worse, from “a system." Remember, the doors of the cage are completely open; do it! Finally, let me tell you something else I have come up with in my trips. I have seen that, even though we are different, the most important things in life connect us.

I have realized most human beings are beautiful souls with so many good things to share with the world (with so much potential!), and in fact, this picture I got from my experiences is quite far from the image I get from the media about the world and its citizens. It makes me question, "Why?" Now, I will give you time to reflect on that. Give it a thought, and get to your conclusions. ;) 

Travel Itinerary in Morocco:










As the narrative unfolds, we are transported to the enchanting landscapes of Morocco, where Seigar shares tales from the road. Amidst the vibrant colors and intricate textures of Moroccan life, Seigar reflects on a profound revelation—despite our differences, the most important aspects of life connect us. The photographs capture the essence of the human spirit, revealing the inherent beauty and potential within each individual.

In conclusion, "Tales of Morocco" is not just a visual feast but a philosophical exploration. Through the lens of Seigar, we are invited to break free from the cages of societal expectations, to seize the day, and to recognize the beauty that unites us all. As you explore the captivating tales woven into each frame, take a moment to reflect, embrace the spirit of Carpe Diem, and embark on your own journey of self-discovery. The doors are open—fly!

Seigar is a passionate visual artist based in Tenerife, Spain, specializing in travel, street, social documentary, conceptual, and pop art. He is deeply fascinated by pop culture. This fetishism is evident in his works exploring photography, video art, writing, and collage. A philologist by profession and a secondary school teacher, Seigar is a self-taught visual artist, having completed courses in advanced photography, cinema, and television. He has been to 53 countries and has a long wishlist! His artistic mission is to narrate tales through his camera, creating a continuous storyline from his travels and encounters. He has participated in various international exhibitions, festivals, and cultural events, and his works have been featured in numerous publications worldwide. His recent focus includes documenting identity and spreading the message of the Latin phrase carpe diem. Seigar was honored with the Rafael Ramos García International Photography Award. He shares his predilections on art and culture on Pop Sonality, his blog.



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