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The Groom

This photo-narrative explores the concepts of new masculinities and self-love. In the series, we can see the model Joan wearing a wedding veil as a modern groom defying the conventions and rules attached to his identity and claiming love towards every single part of himself, both his body and mind and getting to know and accept that we need to love ourselves first to then be able to love others. This work is part of the conceptual visual artist Seigar on identity in his quest to go deep into the pieces that compose our human puzzle.

Team Credits: Creative director and photographer: Seigar @jseigar Model: Joan Exposito Núñez @joancexnu MUA: Elizabeth Izquierdo @98_aries Online Beauty Contest: Mister Canarias Online: @mrcanarion Mister Canarias Online Organizer: Aridani Gil @gilaridani


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