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In the ever-evolving realm of modern art, where vivid colors dance and feelings speak louder than words, Andre stands out as a bold and unique creator. With his canvas as his canvas, he paints abstract languages that capture the essence of his truest emotions. Unafraid to pour his soul onto the canvas, Andre shares his intriguing artistic process - a journey that began in Cebu and has now mesmerized audiences around the world.

Your art is described as painting abstract languages that absorb and release emotions without apology. Can you elaborate on how you developed this unique approach to your work?

My artistic approach has evolved through continuous exploration of life experiences and the constant acquisition of knowledge. I transform these experiences into raw emotion, channeling that emotional energy into my creations without reservation. Embracing ambiguity as a powerful tool, I navigate through uncertain feelings, translating them onto the canvas with the intention of creating clarity and connection. My art is my medium to absorb and release emotions unapologetically, reflecting the intricate language of abstraction I've developed over time.

Each of your art pieces is said to have its own voice, belonging to a specific person. How do you infuse individuality into your creations, and what significance does this hold for you as an artist?

I infuse individuality into each of my art pieces by expressing a language derived from raw emotions, similar to a dance of personal narratives. Every element within my creations represents a distinct journey — not only from the artist's perspective but also in the interpretations of the viewer. The intricate interplay of meanings between the artist and viewer, and the artwork itself, weaves a complex web of dialogues. It is within this dynamic exchange that the realization of our inherent differences emerges, and through this recognition, the sense of individuality is heightened and enriched.

Andre, your journey from Cebu to the world of contemporary abstract expressionism is truly captivating. Can you start by sharing how your Cebuano roots influence your artistic expression, especially considering the vibrant cultural tapestry of the Philippines?

Originating from Cebu, I find that the pragmatic and feasibility-focused traits inherent in the local culture influence my artistic expression. This has instilled in me a practical approach to creativity. This pragmatic perspective not only shapes the way I conceptualize my art but also adds a unique layer to my journey in contemporary abstract expressionism.

With a formal background in interior design, how do you fuse the structured elements of design with the free-flowing, abstract nature of your paintings? Has your design background provided a unique perspective on the way you approach your artwork?

Drawing from my formal background in interior design, I integrate structured design elements with the uninhibited, abstract nature of my paintings. The discipline of interior design has equipped me with a profound understanding of flow and organization, allowing me to practice a sense of order into the dynamic movement of chaos within my artwork. This background has not only served as a framework for channeling the explosive energy within me but has also fostered an internal critique that refines my creative process.

Your active presence on social media showcases not only your art but also your quirky and unabashed personality. How do you navigate the intersection between your online persona and the genuine emotions conveyed in your big, bold strokes on canvas?

What I share online is essentially an extension of my artistic expression. I don't consciously aim to integrate or ponder about the intersection between my online persona and the emotions reflected in my bold strokes on canvas because, to me, they are inherently unified. Whether it's what you see on social media, in person, or in the strokes on canvas, the light emanates from the same source—an expression of myself.

Curiosity has played a significant role in your journey as an artist. How has curiosity influenced the evolution of your work and your personal growth as an individual? Curiosity, to me, is the signal to embark on an exploration of information. It serves as the powerhouse for movement and progression in both my work and personal growth. Day by day, curiosity adds complex details to my journey, contributing to the evolution of my art and shaping my development as an individual.

As an artist, what do you hope people remember about you and your work? How would you like your art to be perceived and remembered by future generations?

I aspire for my art to serve as a lasting reminder that every element possesses a unique and individual identity. That, for me, encapsulates the essence of what I hope people remember about my work.

In conclusion, how do you see the role of art in shaping perspectives and fostering connections among people in today's world? What message or advice do you have for aspiring artists looking to carve their own path?

In conclusion, I see art as a powerful force that provides context to our existence. It has profoundly shaped my perspective, merging life with greater meaning. My belief is that art transcends conventional venues; it can thrive in various forms and spaces.

To aspiring artists, my advice is to avoid relying solely on galleries or publications for validation. Your identity remains unchanged, and the quality of your art persists, with or without external recognition. Stay true to yourself and your unique expression, for that authenticity is the essence of your artistic journey.


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