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In an exclusive interview with celebrated architect and fashion influencer Miko Carreon, we explore the fascinating connection between his profession and his unique sense of style. Known for his bold and vibrant fashion choices, Miko's personal style reflects his architectural background and serves as a source of inspiration for both his designs and his fashion ensembles. Join us as we delve into the mind of this creative visionary, uncovering his inspirations, challenges, and exciting future projects.

As an architect, how do you find the connection between your profession and your personal style?

-I feel like as an architect you get this certain style that inspires you to be creative and that personal style also resonates with my works. Honestly it’s also a mix of some days when I design I wear something I feel good in so I can be more inspired and there are some days when I need to go on site where I have to wear something comfortable. But most of the time it’s more of wearing something I feel good in to feel empowered and inspired. Both styles that I mentioned play around minimal and a little bit of fun with an accent of color or a statement piece.

Your fashion choices are often described as bold and vibrant, filled with diverse colors and prints. What draws you to such daring combinations?

-I actually love minimal fashion and I play around more with silhouettes, in lieu with the prints, these are the things I like to mix with my minimal fashion just be more fun and daring sometimes, maybe I add a printed neckerchief, a statement button down or pants, etc. just to make things more vibrant.

Where do you find inspiration for your fashion ensembles, particularly when it comes to exploring colors and prints?

- I find inspiration from everything! Places, things and people! If I find something interesting I would unconsciously dress up inspired by that thing.

How do you balance architectural aesthetics with fashion trends to create unique and cohesive outfits?

-I believe that I design a project with the word “timeless” in my mind and same goes with my personal style I invest on classic pieces and then sometimes add those little trendy things to be more playful just like how I do with my projects, I design a timeless space and style it and mix it up with trendy pieces.

Can you share some of your favorite color and print combinations that you've experimented with and found successful?

-OMG , If you raid my closet you’ll just see a lot of black, moss green and navy blue and some printed button downs and neckerchiefs.

Many people tend to shy away from incorporating too many colors or prints into their outfits. What advice would you give to those who want to embrace more vibrant and daring fashion choices?

- One technique that I try to imposed in mixing colors is the color wheel theory. xSo with that thing you’ll see colors that are in contrast with and what goes well together. Most of the time I stick with one color and stick with the same shade and then add up one accent color that is in contrast into that family of color.

Have you faced any challenges or criticism in your journey as a stylish architect? How do you deal with it and stay true to your personal style?

-Yeah that’s for sure, but you know in this age go ahead accept criticism but then at the end of the day just stay true to your style, you’ll know what’s good and what’s bad for you.

You have a significant following on social media, where you showcase your fashion sense. How has social media influenced your style and connected you with like-minded individuals?

-A lot of networking from these social media platforms, I get to meet a lot of creatives from the same industry and outside the industry and meeting people and these people inspire me to be more and do more

Are there any specific fashion designers or artists who inspire you when it comes to exploring colors and prints?

-I love Simon Porte Jacquemus because I love his sense of taste when it comes to colors and print. I also love Kim jones for playing around with silhouettes and the way he sees fashion and style.

Apart from fashion, what other creative outlets do you enjoy exploring?

-I like photography and I'm more drawn to movements so I like to create through dance as well.

What role do you believe fashion plays in expressing one's personality and individuality?

-personal style is like your second skin. Whatever personal style you have represents who you are as a person.

Can you share a memorable experience or achievement in your career as both an architect and a fashion influencer?

-hmmm this is a tough one, honestly there’s a lot. Just getting recognition from people you look up to is already a cherry on top of all the things I work hard for but most the most memorable ones are when people approach me and thank me for inspiring them. That is more fulfilling for me.

What advice would you give to aspiring architects or individuals looking to express their unique style in their chosen profession?

-first and foremost before you enter into this industry you should know in yourself that you like design and you are passionate about it. The personal style will just come along as you grow into the feil and stumble upon new people.

Lastly, what exciting projects or collaborations can we expect from you in the near future?

-I'm designing destination places so watch out for that, retail stores and café and bars so I’m looking forward to that one also, bloggers united is back! Will be selling my preloved clothes next month! Save the date!

Photo by @raphidalgo


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