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In the ever-evolving world of cinema, one realm that continually captures our hearts and minds is independent filmmaking. The power of indie cinema lies in its ability to tell unique, unfiltered stories that resonate with audiences on a deeply personal level. Today, we sit down with the talented Gabby Padilla, who has graced the screen in a series of diverse indie films such as "Gitling," "Billie and Emma," "Kalel 15," and "Goyo: Ang Batang Heneral." We delve into Gabby's approach to these distinct projects, what draws them to the world of indie cinema, and their favorite role thus far.

Embracing the Independent Spirit

Gabby Padilla has carved a niche for themselves in the world of indie cinema, and we were keen to know what drew them to this captivating realm. "I think I gravitated more towards independent filmmaking because it’s where I started, and all the opportunities that followed after my first film were all non-mainstream," Gabby explains. "All these films are different, but what I loved about all of them was that so much care was put into making them."

Indeed, independent films often carry the essence of passion projects. "Like for Gitling," Gabby continues, "we were a small team, and a lot of the people that came on board were there because they believed in what the script could become and wanted to help tell that story."

Cherishing Memorable Roles

Among her remarkable repertoire of roles, we were curious to find out which one holds a special place in Gabby's heart. "Emma will always be special to me," Gabby confesses. "Jamie, too. It feels like madami kaming pinagdaanan ni Jamie together. Lol."

"Gitling": A Unique Challenge

One film that stands out in Gabby's journey is "Gitling." This indie gem showcases a different aspect of their acting skills, most notably their ability to speak Japanese. Gabby reveals, "I learned Japanese for the role; in total, it took 7 months of studying/classes. It still wasn’t enough time to fully learn the language, though."

The challenges were aplenty, with the Japanese script needing a re-translation just a month or two before filming. However, Gabby embraced the hurdles, saying, "I enjoyed learning and immersing myself in it. It helped that the team was very supportive, and I had a lot of guidance."

And there was another layer of comfort. "There was some comfort in the Hiligaynon (that I already spoke IRL) though," Gabby adds, "and it felt like a treat being able to speak it in the film. That wasn’t something I saw much of on-screen as a child."

Origami Artist: Sean Olalo | @mynegativefeelings.

Wardrobe: @repamana top and jacket + @tiediet pant

The Magnetic Pull of "Gitling"

What led Gabby to take on the unique challenge of "Gitling"? "I had worked with Direk Jopy before and really enjoyed the process of collaborating with him," Gabby reminisces. "But when he sent me the script, it was funny how a lot of it hit close to home. I told him I would do it almost immediately. But I think the main attraction for me was that I would get to learn a new language for it, and it felt like a fun challenge."

Behind-the-Scenes Adventures

As any actress will tell you, the world behind the camera is just as intriguing as the one in front. Gabby shares a quirky anecdote from the set of "Gitling," saying, "Minulto kami in Bacolod while shooting Gitling! We had to cut the shooting day short because of the weird things happening on set. If that isn’t a very Visayas thing to happen… hahaha."

Photography: Ennuh Tiu | @ennuhchew

Wardrobe: All Shapes Vest in Royal Blue @muu.haa + Ampalaya Blouse and Skirt

Styling: Shayne Lopez | @shayneshaylo

Makeup: Steph Buni | @stephbuni | @milkfish

Shoot location: @ro.creativestudio

Film processed and developed by @sunny16lab Special thanks to: @jtanlee, @miggymatreo

Future Horizons

With a promising career ahead, we asked Gabby about their aspirations for the future. "I’m open to whatever comes my way," they say, "but it would be cool to portray a real person in a biopic or do a big ensemble family dramedy. That would be a dream."

As we conclude our conversation with Gabby, we are left inspired by her unwavering dedication to storytelling, her love for indie cinema, and her appetite for new challenges. We eagerly await her future projects, knowing that each one will bring a fresh, compelling narrative to the silver screen. In a world of cinema that thrives on diversity and authenticity, Gabby Padilla is a shining star, illuminating the path for others to follow.

Photography: Ennuh Tiu | @ennuhchew

Origami Artist: Sean Olalo | @mynegativefeelings Styling: Shayne Lopez | @shayneshaylo

Makeup: Steph Buni | @stephbuni | @milkfish

Shoot location: @ro.creativestudio

Film processed and developed by @sunny16lab Special thanks to: @jtanlee, @miggymatreo


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