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Hey George!

I had a trip planned to Madrid and Yarden (the stylist) is also from Israel so we knew each other before and shes studies Fashion creative in Madrid.

So we thought it would be cool to create something spontaneously and fun while I'm there.

Yarden sent me some options of models and we both loved George from first sight so I reached to him and he agreed!

The three of us met on a sunny beautiful day in a neighborhood called Lavapies and just roamed around and try to capture the clothing of the local brand Boltad with George (who happened to be the funniest guy ever) and that's how it was created.

Im Ariel Pedatzur, 26, from Tel Aviv, Israel based now in Vienna, Austria.

I studied photography for two years in Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design in Jerusalem, Israel and then I dropped out and continued doing my photography, exhibitions and projects independently.

My interest in photography started at a very young age, I think I was 10 when I started playing around with my parents camera and take photos of my beautiful neighbor Tamar while dressing her up with her moms clothes (her mom used to be a famous fashion journalist in Israel) and asking her to pose in certain ways.

From there on I was always so into capturing moments with friends and in my surroundings.

Although from that moment I was always taking photos it was only years later when I was 18 when I started taking photography seriously.

I bought a digital camera and started charging for my work and a year later I started taking analog photos and since then I never looked back to the digital camera I have spent all my savings on back then.

When I was 19.5 I went to study photography in the Art Uni and I stayed there for two years and understood it wasn't for me so I just left and continued doing it on my own.

What is so memorable from this shooting is the fact that in life you have to flow, reach out and not be afraid of stuff not working out exactly as you planned.

Sometimes the most spontaneous events will turn out to be the most memorable.

That's also the thing with analog photography, you never know exactly how it will turn out until you get the photos back from the lab.

I would say that at the moment my greatest achievement as a photographer is being so blessed to be able to do something I'm so passionate about and excites me so much and make a living from it.

I have been working on a project that I'm very excited about although it takes forever, so hopefully this will move on.

Also I'm so keen to do another exhibition for so long, so who knows? Maybe that's what's next!

Featuring the collection of BOLTAD

Photography: Ariel Pedatzur


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