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Polo Originals Fall 2023 Transformation

Setting sail on a journey that departs from the summer's maritime activities, Polo Originals undergoes a significant transformation for the fall-winter 2023 season. The brand's seasonal storyline, rich in sophistication and defiance, pays homage to the legendary Tourist Trophy motorcycle race, renowned not only for its fashionable riders but also for its treacherous twists and turns.

Taking place on the revered asphalt of the Goodwood racetrack in Chichester, England, this campaign unfolds on a stage that seamlessly melds the past with the present. Through the lens of Richard Phibbs, this fusion is skillfully captured, imbuing each frame with Ralph Lauren's distinctive charisma—a perfect blend of charm and sophistication.

The campaign enlists a combination of fresh talent and familiar figures. TikTok sensation Jacob Rott from the Elevator Boys makes an appearance, alongside models Niyo Malik, Tristan Paine, Juhyung Kang, Rudy Verwey, and Rishi Robin. Their inclusion weaves the collection into a diverse fusion, where wool sweaters harmoniously coexist with retro-inspired racing jackets.

In this season, Polo Originals reinvents its iconic tailored aesthetic. Picture it as a harmonious blend between the polished countryside and the racetrack's raw, unbridled speed—an alliance where impeccably crafted wool meets an insatiable hunger for sheer velocity. Every garment pays homage to the timeless requirement for both elegance and resilience.

The collection is a rich tapestry of influences, spanning from a sophisticated rugby ethos to hints of Grand Prix allure. It pays homage to Polo's scholarly style heritage while injecting athletic elements that could seamlessly belong on a vintage racing poster.

Among the standout items are an oilcloth jacket and a hand-painted leather café racer jacket, serving as a direct homage to Ralph Lauren's personal preferences.

Polo Originals' fall-winter collection creates a lasting impression in a realm where trends come and go fleetingly. Incorporating elements such as fair isle sweaters, tweeds, and oversized coats, the brand imbues its distinctive style with timeless workwear influences while paying tribute to motorsport pioneers.

Polo Originals commemorates a way of life that effortlessly bridges different realms, demands notice, and steadfastly pursues the eternal.


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