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Playing With light

The truth can’t always be seen by the naked eye—sometimes, looking through the lens captures a moment that’s otherwise gone in a flash. When there’s absence of light, do we give up and miss out on our chance or put on a brave face and make it work?


In this fashion editorial fueled by light (or the lack thereof), textures, shapes, and colors are sharper and bolder. It bares a realness that may have gone unnoticed, but photographers Stephen Capuchino and Kenneth Tangonan held onto their creative instincts to produce a series of images that’s raw yet original and inventive.


Making the most out of their equipment of choice, the realme 9 Pro series, its capability in low light situations is amplified. Stephen considers the project as exciting, a once “out of bounds” territory, so to speak. “We haven't done something like this before,” he shares. “It's quite a challenge, but the realme 9 Pro series lives up to expectations, producing high quality images.”


Kenneth completely agrees. He found the experience “different”, but switching gears from his professional camera to a smartphone is a fun and easy transition. While his photos are all shot in jpeg format, the end product brought out his real vision. “The photos came out perfectly and I didn’t have to retouch or manipulate in post-production,” the creative reveals.

Ian Francisco is another genius mind who lent his flair in video making with a colorful snippet of the fashion editorial’s behind-the-scenes. He considers the experience as a refreshing one, and likens the clip to the streets of Tokyo—where he got his inspiration from. “As someone who always shoots in a soft and clean lighting setup, I got the chance to experiment with the mood of light while giving me the freedom to move easily,” crediting the smooth performance to the realme 9 Pro’s unparalleled stabilization feature.


In a dusk to dawn concept, they tapped different local designers from all over the country to serve as this project’s muse. It introduces the works of Geraldine Tomaquin, John Albert Furing, Clio de Leon, James Adam Sarayan, Emanuel Rinoza, and Jad Solito. This group of up-and-comers isn’t afraid of making a statement, expressing their distinct artistic character through their own style of cuts and fabrics.


It’s a seamless collaboration of talent that churn out the best of a could-be difficult circumstance. Playing with light, no matter the time of the day, is only a matter of perspective and taking the leap—and the right tool to boot.

Fashion film by Ian Francisco, shot entirely on realme 9 Pro+

Photographer: KENNETH TANGONAN @kennethtangonan

STEPHEN CAPUCHINO @stephencapuchino

Video: IAN FRANCISCO @ianfranciscoph

Makeup: JANELL CAPUCHINO @janellcapuchino

Hair: KIM ROY OPOG @kimroyopog

Styled by: BRYAN LAROZA @bryan.thestylist

Assisted by: MARA INCIONG @arigatomargo

Model: ICA DY @shobe.ica of LUMINARY MANILA

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